Team Meeting

The  team meeting will be early November at Nipmuc in the Gathering room. We will update the web page and also send out an email.

We are a self funded sport so the athletic fees will be determined by how many athletes, in 2016 the fee was $140. I assume for 2017 it will be close to that again.

Racers will also need a Ski Ward racer pass for $200. You will need to pick this up at Ward before the season starts.

Everyone should check their equipment prior to the meeting so we can discuss equipment options.

‚ÄčEach athlete should be accompanied by a parent or guardian.

All athletes will have to have a physical in the last year and follow the athletic requirements for there individual school.

During the race season we will need parents to volunteer to help with gate keeping, score board or working at the start. Usually one afternoon is all we need from each family for the season.

Any questions email me or phone I will keep in touch about our Fall meeting.

Barb Griscom

‚Äčassistant coach